Akashic registers


Que son?

Akashic Records are a set of information in the form of light where the "Library" of the world where we can go to find everything related to being.

It allows us to access all this information about and to know about people, goods such as houses, land, country, etc ...



Libro Lobsang Rampa

In the Lobsang Rampa book, they told:

"The Akashic records are a form of vibration, not only bright, it also includes light and sound. This form of vibration on Earth does not have any word to describe it.

The Akashic Records are indestructible form of vibrations which constitute the sum total of human knowledge, emanating from the world in much the same way that programs are broadcast on the radio. All that has happened in this world, still exists in the form of vibrations.

The Akashic Records contain the testimony of all that has happened in the world.
The various worlds are, each, their Akashic Records, the same way that every country has its own radio programs. All those who have sufficient knowledge, can be synchronized with Akashic Records of each world, not just their own, and can find out about historical events and counterfeits in the history books.

But in the Akashic Records, there is something more than a resource to satisfy their own curiosity and vain. We can consult and view our personal plans.
When we die to this world, go to another plane of existence, within which all have to meet face to face with the works themselves, what we did and what we do, should do so. We will see all of our lives, with the speed of thought.

We will see through the Akashic Records, not only from the time that we take things into practice, but from the time before birth, which would plan how and where born ...... With the Akashic Records We can travel back along the path of history, see everything that has happened, not only in this world, but also in other worlds;

One of the oldest dreams of mankind has been able to have "travel through time."

These dreams are nothing more than mere concepts fantastic while we exist in our meat and on Earth, because the carnal envelope limits us in a sad way, so unfortunately our bodies are conditioned, and our need to learn about the Earth, which We have been implanted in our minds so much doubt and indecision, before we feel convinced that we need what we call 'evidence'.


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